Exciting news for us this week! We got an update from the James, our welder working on Caroline and it’s very good news. He’s had the frame since before Thanksgiving so I was anxious to get an update.

We had the old crossmembers taken out that were rusted out, replaced them & added a couple more 🙂
Our new, fabricated outriggers!

The frame originally had to go to a welder because of a crack near the rear axle on the drivers side. Because of the crack, the rear end of the trailer was sagging really, really bad. It was flimsy, weak and completely unstable. Once we took it to James, he told us about several other issues that we should get taken care of if we want longevity for this Airstream. So, we did.

James was able to get the frame mostly straight (about 66% better – now it only drops about 1/4 inch instead of almost an inch which makes a huge difference). He re-welded all the joints and fabricated new outriggers to replace the ones that were rusted… or GONE! He also installed new cross-braces in the rear for extra support.

He still has some other things to finish that we asked him to do (like paint it)!! But, we are making progress and it feels SO good!!!! She’ll have her floor down and shell on in no time! 😀

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