We’ve been stationary since my birthday – June 5, 2020. And let me tell you what… we are SO ready to blow this popsicle stand!

However, we HAVE gotten a bunch of things done while being here, so I can’t complain too much.

I was able to go to the dermatologist & Talulah got spayed (finally). I took her to her vet in West Palm Beach, FL and while she was getting her surgery done, so was I. Two birds, one stone! Talulah was NOT happy about her cone of shame. I was not happy about mandatory masks.

I was able to visit one of my very best friends. We patiently waited for our ride off this damn planet.

Blake & I washed the RV and both trucks.. and then it fucking rained….

We tried to put a reverse osmosis system in (that didn’t go well – I wish RV’s had the same fittings as houses). We went back to the gym consistently and we were able to get some other work done!

Another perk of being stationary – I could FINALLY file an insurance claim on my broken iPhone and have it sent to me in 2 days!!! Before you trolls say anything, I had a screen protector AND a case but I still managed to properly fuck it up.

We’ve also started to broaden our horizons to more of a plant based diet. So far, REALLY good. If you’re interested, get this book. It’s full of fucks, shits and motherfuckers but the food is delicious! It takes a unique sense of humor to appreciate this book (but if you’re following this blog, you’ll probably like it).

SO! Overall, a pretty productive 2 months I think. However, all this fun must come to an end… In 2 weeks, we are headed back out west!! 😀

BUT not before we visit my very favorite RV park which I will post about once we get there. 😉

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