‘Tis the season for taxes! So, as a good little tax payer I hopped on a plane and headed to Florida for just that.

Some people really enjoy tax time – those people are the people who get refunds. We aren’t those people. We loathe tax time. So, in order to feel better about the whole process I rented myself an electric car. And not just any electric car…. a Tesla! 😀

And let me tell you what! It was one bad-ass car! I rented the Model 3 Dual Motor. 0-60 in 3.2 seconds! Instant response! It was incredible!!

However, there were several things I absolutely despised about the vehicle. The main one being you have to plan your day AROUND your car. Charging the damn thing was such a pain in the ass (for me). So much so I named her “PITA.” 😉 Needless to say, I don’t like having to make sure a charging station is nearby or along my route… And how many miles I need to reserve in order to make it to said charging station.

Furthermore… what does one do while their vehicle is charging? What do you do for an hour? It doesn’t appeal to me in the slightest. I prefer to go to a gas station and fill up. The whole operation takes about 10 minutes. AND what happens if the charging stations are all taken? Then you have to wait to wait! What’s the saying? “Hurry up and wait.”

Learning to drive this car was absolutely ridiculous! The key is in the shape of a hotel key or a credit card. Although there is an app you can use… I did not get the information for it until the next day. So, I was on my own. The valet handed me the key…errr card and said good luck! (I did try to ask him how to turn the damn thing on and make it move… but he didn’t speak a lick of english).

I eventually figured out how to turn it on (you put the card in the center and push the break – for any of you reading this and thinking about renting one of these suckers!) I put it in drive and set off!

What I didn’t know was how the car slows when you let off the gas. It REALLY slows down… I later found out it has regenerative braking (duh)!! Super hard to get used to I’ll have you know! After 3 days I still wasn’t ‘used to it.’

Another disgruntling thing about this car was learning out to operate it. EVERYTHING is touch screen. There are no buttons. The AC or heat… you have to take your eyes off the road and find it on the screen. The only buttons they have are on the steering wheel to control the volume and radio.

Another con was how low the vehicle is. I’m not sure if I’m just biased because my daily is a Raptor BUT I felt like I was sitting on the ground! It took a lot to get used to – and I didn’t really even get used to it. Again, it may not be an issue for anyone else. I drive a truck by choice; I like being off the ground.

There were several other minor annoyances with the vehicle BUT I digress. Those were the only aspects that really stuck out to. me.

Now for the pros!!! YOU DON’T HAVE TO PAY FOR GAS!!!! I know I said I liked gas stations but what I don’t like is paying for gas! 😛 Who does?! I also like how responsive the vehicle is. You touch the gas and she GOES! It’s fantastic. NO one cut me off on the highway – I was faster. 😉

I also love the look of the Tesla. She is one sleek lookin’ sedan… and I’m not a fan of sedans.

Overall, it was a blast learning and driving the Tesla. I think there are some kinks that need to be ironed out but I do think she is an incredible machine. I would love to have one someday IF our lifestyle ever changes. PITA just wouldn’t of been conducive to a nomadic life. She’s a high maintenance lady who needs her charing stations!

AND! Our taxes turned out not so bad this year! The Tesla must’ve had good ju-ju!

I think everyone should rent one of these suckers and experience it. Tesla is a great company and a great car, in my opinion. There are pros and cons with anything but in the Tesla’s case, I think the pros do outweigh the cons for most stationary people.

Happy travels & I hope some are electric! 😀

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