It’s been awhile since I’ve last posted an update. We’ve made it to Florida in record time – took us a week to get here (and yes, that is record time for us). With everything that’s going on and our own personal ‘stuff’ Florida seemed liked the most logical place to be if we are going to just ‘be’ for awhile. We are staying at Wekiva Falls RV Resort and it wasn’t what I was expecting.

Being stationary is hard for us. We found it becomes easier when we are near things that are familiar. Florida is familiar for us. We can do the doctor and dentist things that we need to take care of, get the dogs taken care of and updated with their ‘stuff.’ Plus it gives us a little down time to fix some things on the RV. So, here we are for the next couple months.

We will still be moving around – Florida has some cool places to be. Flagler Beach is on the top of our list. We went there in our Cyclone RV a few years ago and it was AWESOME. You can back your RV right up to the ocean. SUPER COOL!

Now if it would only stop raining long enough so we could make the trip worth it… It’s about $150/night!

We will also head down to the Keys at some point too – when the open up for business. There’s plenty to do in Florida that we’ve never really been able to do because of our 9-5 jobs. The jobs are still there we just have a house that moves now. 😉

Not too much is new around here – I just wanted to write a little something with an update.

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