One of the most common questions we get is

“Why did you decide to buy an RV and travel?”

Our Cyclone on her maiden voyage in Flagler, FL

The truth is it just sort of came to fruition. We have a really hard time remembering where and when we decided it would be a good idea to get rid of all our stuff (for free, mind you) and live in a 300 sq ft RV. We do know that Chelsea was the one who came up with the idea but the logistics are pretty fuzzy. I’m sure the thought process went something like this. We had been together for almost a year and had already moved 3 times – so with that in mind, we came to the conclusion that we were both nomadic and living stationary for long periods of time just wasn’t going to work for us. So! What better idea than to buy a home that had wheels?!

We woke up one day and started researching all things RV. I remember I was still working at MINI Cooper in West Palm and it was the weekend. Blake was in school at the time but we both had a Sunday to ourselves. We finally came up with the thought of a toy hauler… & we had this fantastic idea that we would put Chelsea’s Jeep in the back of it so it HAD to have a 17ft garage. There were no other discussions on the other types of RVs. Motorhomes weren’t discussed. Other fifth wheels weren’t discussed. Not even the Renegade TH was discussed (if you don’t know what a Renegade is, click here ). We were getting a fifth wheel toy hauler and that was that!

We’re really roughin’ it out here!

And that’s exactly what we did! A few months later, a 45ft Cyclone TH with a 17ft garage was sitting in our back yard. We bought a used RV — we did learn SOME things while in our short ‘research’ phase.

We lived in the Cyclone for almost a year but quickly decided we needed a rig with a completely different floor-plan. AND to be completely honest with you guys, the Jeep idea just wasn’t going to happen. Yes, the Jeep would physically fit inside the garage. However, we would have had to have the garage door reinforced and that just wasn’t something we felt like dealing with.

We traded that bad boy in for our current RV – a brand spankin’ new Grand Design Momentum (I’ll make a blog post later on why we decided on that particular RV out of the thousands out there). For comparison, I put photos of both floor plans next to each other at the bottom of this post.

You can see the Momentum has a much more ‘open’ floor plan with more slides and less garage.

Much better. Much happier.

So, to sum up this post

We bought an RV because we aren’t stationary beings but we like the creature comforts of having a ‘home.’ We like to explore new places and experience things we ordinarily wouldn’t be able to do but maybe once a year. We wanted to create a life that we didn’t need a vacation from. That’s why we bought an RV and that’s why we travel.


Cyclone 4018 Floor plan
Momentum 395M Floor Plan

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  1. Hi Gram! Will do!! 😀 Hoping to have the frame all done and shell back on before December so we can take it with us to NY! I’m enlisting Dad for the cabinets and table work! LOL

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