We have had ENOUGH! The hot temps have followed us north! It’s going to be 107° today & I can’t stand it any longer! Kudos to the locals but this New Yorker just can not do it.

We were in Bakersfield, CA for a little over and week and then headed up to Fresno, CA. Technically we are in Sanger, CA at a tiny little campground. We’ve been here for about 2 weeks and decided it was time to head back to Florida for a few months.

You might be wondering why on earth are we driving to Florida from California (over 2000 miles) especially during hurricane season. Well, let me give you the scoop.

Riley, my 16 year old chihuahua, can not do elevation anymore (she has congestive heart failure). We tried Camp Verde, AZ at a whopping 3000 feet and she couldn’t do it. Now, I don’t know if everyone knows this but the low elevation areas in California are super hot during the summer… hotter than say, Florida. The whole state of Florida is at sea level which makes it super easy.

Florida is also where we are domiciled and/or residents and were we will be voting come November. We don’t want to do mail in ballots for obvious reasons… so there’s that.

Look how close we were to all that beauty!

AND we have some personal stuff to attend to that requires us to be there in person.

Oh! And how could I forget… FLORIDA IS OPEN!!!!! California is not. That may or may not be the biggest reason we are headed back to Florida. Strange times and California is not our state to endure the ‘rona situation.

But, California has been beautiful -from the little we’ve seen since this whole thing started. It totally sucked being so close to Kings Canyon, Sequoia and Yosemite and not being able to take Blake to see them. Really chaps my you know what! But there will be a next time.. maybe in a year or so.

So like I mentioned, we stayed in Bakersfield for a week. Didn’t do much exploring except for one afternoon. I took the Raptor down a longgg dirt road with the frenches. They didn’t love it but I did!

T’was a beautiful ride. Great way to end our time in Bakersfield.

Our next stop was Fresno. We were able to book 2 weeks at Riverbend RV Park – although it’s definitely more of a campground than an RV park. We stayed over Memorial Day weekend (I had forgotten ALLL about any upcoming holidays). This park was PACKED! So much so I couldn’t put out my awning because I would hit the RV next to us. Not our scene. Not our people. We stuck out like a sore thumb. Thank god it only lasted 2 days. After that, everyone left except us and 2 other full-timers and the park was fantastic again. 😀

Overall, what we saw of California was beautiful. It really is quite the state – too bad the politics are so bad here. Heading to Florida isn’t exactly something I really want to do but its necessary for this time in our lives. A few months won’t hurt and we decided to stay inland near Orlando, just in case. Hurricanes aren’t exactly RV friendly…

Safe travels.

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