It’s been a long standing question of “does it REALLY snow in New Mexico?!” We’ve heard rumors that it does… and that there’s even SKI RESORTS in New Mexico. But, as a good New Yorker I am naturally a skeptic – I need to see it to believe it.

Well, let me tell you what… it sure as shit snows in New Mexico. Thanksgiving morning we woke up super early to head to Albuquerque to visit friends. I had the dogs in their harnesses ready to go outside when it happened! I stepped out onto the steps and into a big pile of snow and slush! It was incredible! The rumors were true! πŸ™‚ I think Franklin was the most surprised. He no longer was excited to go potty…

There was snow everywhere and it was the most beautiful thing I’ve seen! The desert was covered in snow – it looked almost unnatural. We ended up still going to Albuquerque for Thanksgiving but the trip on the highway that usually took 2 hours, took 4.

This weekend was also Blake’s 30th birthday – his dirty thirty! πŸ˜€ Thanksgiving and birthday festivities all balled into one. For Blake’s birthday, he decided he wanted to go snowboarding AND since it had just snowed in New Mexico, Ski Santa Fe had opened on Thanksgiving Day! It was his lucky day!

The only bummer about deciding to do this skiing trip last minute was the fact that we left ALL of our gear in the RV, which was still in Elephant Butte. So, we had to go purchase new stuff at the local ski shop (Sport Systems) in Albuquerque. Blake got a new board and some new snow gear. I bought skis and all the things that go with it. $3000 later, we were ready to hit the slopes (happy birthday Blake)! πŸ˜€

We went both Saturday and Sunday with our good friends who live in Albuquerque. (Just a side note: Chelsea skis, Blake snowboards.. although Chelsea does snowboard occasionally) Saturday was miserable. The high of the day was 9Β°and it was WINDY! Bad, baddddd day on the mountain for 90% of the people there but Blake still had a good time. Sunday was BEAUTIFUL!! Sunny, high of 35Β° and absolutely no wind at the top of the mountain. We both had a fantastic day on the slopes.

Caroline (the Airstream) is still at the welder being worked on and painted. So, next weekend we will be hitting Santa Fe again if they still have snow. Otherwise, we will make our way a little more North and try a new ski resort!


The very top was still closed while we were there but it was gorgeous to look at.
The best views are from mountain tops!
Just some proof that it does snow in the desert – for all you skeptics.

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