As many of you know Moab is the mecca for off-roading. Jeeps, trucks, quads and ATVs galore! So of course we just HAD to take Gimp! *This is a longer post but there are pictures! 🙂

We did several of the trails – some well known (Hell’s Revenge) and other’s not so known. We scaled steep rocks, played in the sand, got lost and even found some dinosaur tracks! Moab is too cool, especially on an ATV – I’m sorry Jeepers (and yes, I did bring my Jeep there as well) but an ATV is much more fun in Moab. It literally goes EVERYWHERE and anywhere… quickly!

The beginning of Hell’s Revenge.
Fins & Things was one of my favorites.

When we first got to Moab we went on the popular trails – Blake’s idea, not mine! “Hell’s Revenge” and “Fins & Things” were the first up. We didn’t do parts of Hell’s Revenge because I’m a chicken shit and couldn’t muster up the courage to do it. For example, “Hell’s Gate” (if you don’t know what that is, click here) and “Mickey’s Hot Tub,” (again if you don’t know, click here). We did watch others attempt to do them though – as good tourists would. Some people really have no fear. It is quite the experience watching other people f-up their stuff!

Steel Bender – it looked like such an inviting trail!
Steel Bender (again) – Blake and Gimp looking rather proud of themselves. This picture really doesn’t show you how steep this ‘obstacle’ actually was but it was pretty freakin’ steep.
Gimp took a dip at the end of Steel Bender – well deserved 😉
We found caves!

We also did Gemini Bridges trail and Steel Bender. There are 2 points you can start from on Steel Bender. The North end or the South. We just so happen to go the wrong direction (any of you that are familiar with that trail knows you should go North to South, not South to North…) The reason being, in the middle of the trail (literally, the halfway mark) there are rocks you either climb down OR climb up. Guess which is ‘easier’ to do, especially for 2 rookies. Answer is: going down! Guess which way WE had to go? UP! In our defense – the Forest Ranger we spoke to before attempting the trail told us where to go… not entirely sure if he was being a total prick or not because he told us to start from the South end…(Blake has GoPro footage of us which I will upload whenever I figure out how). It was the SCARIEST thing EVER! I got out to ‘spot’ (you wouldn’t stay in either!!!). It was incredibly steep and particularly difficult for out short wheelbase. BUT we did it and live to tell the tale! I don’t want to completely knock the trail – there were some really cool things to see. For example, there were caves & the clearest creek.

Mill Creek had some of the clearest water!

Gemini Bridges trail was fantastic! You do go along a ridge that makes you wonder if you made the right choice or not, especially when there’s two vehicles trying to pass each other. However, once you get through that portion of the trail its great. Definitely would recommend Gemini Bridges to anyone visiting Moab. Rent a Jeep or ATV and do it. It’s beautiful.

The caves along Steel Bender

Next up was Seven Mile Rim trail which was in the same area as Gemini Bridges. There were some awesome views and you could get close to the side of the rim – hence the name. Super cool. There were several people in Toyota 4Runners making the trek up which I thought was pretty impressive. Kudos to you, 4Runners!

A shot from Seven Mile Rim
Gemini Bridges – notice Gimp has new shoes 😀

There were also some trails where we were boondocking just a bit north of Moab. To be more specific, they were off of a forest service road along hwy 191 (also known as Dinosaur Diamond Prehistoric Hwy). You could probably guess that’s where we saw the dinosaur tracks. This is also the part of Gimp’s adventure where we got lost. Really lost. Turns out, you’re driving around on a big, giant boulder and if you don’t have AllTrails downloaded, you’re pretty much driving around aimlessly trying to catch a glimpse of a trail!

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