We have been to Elephant Butte several times this year – we just seem to keep coming back to this little town. It’s right next to Truth or Consequences, New Mexico which is a little more well-known.

Sand dunes in the mountains

The first time we came to the Butte was back in April. I had purchased the New Mexico State Park annual camping pass for around $200 for the year – that brings your nightly rate down to $4/night with electric and water. Really cheap camping if you’re full-time. You can also stay right on the beach for free for up to 14 days.

These two caves probably went down 30ft.

We’ve come back to this town a number of times over the summer with some good friends of ours. We learned to wakeboard (with jet skis nonetheless) and played in a 5-ton (military trucks are everywhere down here)! Summer is fun at the Butte! BUT even after all that time we spent here, we didn’t realize that there were ATV trails in the mountains just over yonder!

The ‘rest area’ along the trail ๐Ÿ˜‰

We recently made some friends in the RV park we’re staying at (yes, we moved to an actual RV park while we renovate our Airstream) and several of our new friends have RZRs! Blake wasted no time making friends and picking their brains about ATV riding in the area. He hit the RZRing goldmine of Elephant Butte!

This cave you could walk into and look around.

We went on our first ride by ourselves with some quick verbal guidance minutes prior. We found some evidence of old goldmines that once were but that was about it.

A few days later, our new friends decided to take us on a ride to actually see the mines – well, what’s left of them. It was pretty interesting to see. Most had been filled in already but you could still see where they drilled and stuck the dynamite! ๐Ÿ™‚

Turtleback Mountain
What remains of the old mine.

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