Red River, New Mexico is BY FAR one of our very favorite places we’ve been so far. The area is full of mountain lakes and remote places to explore that you can only get to by 4×4.

Goose Lake, again.

Red River is also the place were we first rented a RZR and the reason behind purchasing Gimp! There is a lake in Red River called ‘Goose Lake’ and you can only access it by taking a Jeep trail (I wouldn’t take my Jeep though). I just HAD to see this remote lake up in the mountains before we left so we decided to rent a RZR for the day.

Goose Lake

*We didn’t want to take the Jeep because a few weeks prior someone attempted to take a Dodge Ram back there and it fell over the side of the cliff. There had been a rockslide along the trail and he couldn’t make it over. So, down he went! He survived but lost his leg in the process. The year before that, a grandfather took his granddaughter out on the trail and they went over the side as well. They did not survive. Not good and we didn’t have the cojones to attempt it. We decided to spend the $400 and rent a RZR for the day.

Mountain views for miles!

We reserved the RZR for the upcoming Saturday and had invited our friends up with their side by side. Theirs fit in the back of the dually, conveniently (they hauled their side by side up in their toy hauler). We loaded up and headed to pick up our rental. BUT as fate would have it, Goose Lake was closed for the day (the ONLY day we rented the RZR) because that was the day they were pulling the Dodge Ram out. Go figure (there is a silver lining though).

With Goose Lake being closed, we decided to hit every other trail in the area. Beautiful views on top of mountains and some other cool lakes to be seen. After a few hours of trail riding – it was about 2pm – we decided to see if Goose Lake was still closed. IT WASN’T!!! So we hauled our butts over to the trail head! We only had the RZR until 4:30.

We ended up making it to Goose Lake and let me tell you what! IT WAS THE MOST STUNNING LAKE I HAVE EVER LAID EYES ON!!! and we were the only ones there! It was magical. My favorite place so far. If you’re ever near Taos, New Mexico (and there’s no snow on the ground) go see Goose Lake. It will not disappoint – worth every penny we spent! 😀

Frank and Talu playing in lake #4!
Just two Frenchies in the Rio!

There were several other lakes we visited – some only accessible by foot AFTER the 4×4 trail. 9 Lakes was our other favorite spot. You travel up a forest road for several miles – we took the Jeep for this adventure. You need a high clearance 4×4 vehicle to get to them. The first 3 lakes we could get to with the Jeep. Once you reached the third lake, you had to hike to the rest. We managed to get to 4 and 5. It’s an all day hike to get to the others and we were losing daylight! We also brought the dogs along for this adventure & they were THE HAPPIEST! The water was freezing but they didn’t give a flying hoot! We were the only ones at these lakes too! Luck was on our side! 🙂

We didn’t need to RZR here but another site to see is the Rio Grande that flows through Red River and Questa. We took the dogs there as well – they’re quite the water rats. We saw the Rio when we went to Big Bend National Park in Texas which makes up the boarder for Texas and New Mexico so of course we had to see it in northern New Mexico! It’s only right.


Cabresto Lake
Mountain tops to see other mountain tops!
The Rio Grande in all her glory! 🙂

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