Campground Review – Pilot Knob RV Resort – Winterhaven, CA / Yuma, AZ

We picked this RV park… err resort because 1.) we were coming down with the flu and 2.) because it was the only park riding distance to the sand dunes.

Note: This park is open from November 1st – April 1st. This year (2020) was an exception because of COVID-19.

Your neighbors will be close in this park… like pass your morning cup o’ Joe close. However, because of that we made some new friends (and maybe even talked them into buying a Solitude – you’re welcome Grand Design)!

The laundry room is super small – 5.5 washers (technically 6 but one is so small I consider it a half) and 6 dryers. It’s busy every day even if you go at 6am! It IS open 24/7 though. Maybe try for midnight…

They will send your mail for you which I thought was convenient. They have a pool & a hot tub. You can NOT wash your rig yourself at this park but you can have someone come out and do it for you…

*Side Note: we don’t recommend “Sams Mobile Washing” – they came to wash all 4 of our vehicles and they did a real shit job – they left wax all over the RV, dually and Raptor.. and charged me for a full wash on the RZR and just hosed it down… To put it in perspective for you if you’re still reading: We have a 42ft fifth wheel, a Ford dually, a Ford Raptor and a RZR. They were supposed to hand wash, hand dry and hand wax all of them except the RZR. They were done with ALL of them in an hour and a half. 2 men. That’s at least a 3-4 hour job… we paid $300 for a spray down and a half assed wax job. Don’t use them. Rant over! 🙁

Below are our requirements when searching for a spot. Yours may be different. These categories are what we consider important.

SIITE QUALITY: 3/5 – Sites are pretty big – we could fit all of our ‘stuff’ in it (RV, dually, Raptor & RZR) with room to spare. Sites are level. Only CON – the hookups are really far back… if you don’t have long hoses and sewer, you might have some trouble.

PET FRIENDLINESS: 3/5 – Pets are allowed but there isn’t much room to walk them. There’s a gate on both sides of the park that go out to the desert where you can walk your pet but that’s about it. All rocks, no grass.

CELL SIGNAL: 4/5 – AT&T: 71 down / 28 up Verizon: 10 down / 2 up — we had a lot of congestion at this park, especially with Verizon. AT&T was consistently very good.

THE VIEW: 3/5 – Depending on where you park you may or may not have a view of the Pilot Knob Mesa. Not all spots have a view though – ours did. We were in spot 30.

LOCATION: 4/5 – Short ride to Yuma, maybe 15 minutes. The best sites are in the back – less road noise. You see a lot of boondockers on the BLM land that’s right behind the park in the winter months. This park is a good central location to several things in the area. You can also get to the infamous Imperial Sand Dunes from the park on a 4×4. Only CON – you have to go through an agricultural check-point EVERY TIME you come back from Yuma…. VERY annoying.

Overall, it was a fine park. Definitely wouldn’t consider it a ‘resort’ but it was good enough for us to stay the whole month of January into February. My last piece of advice would be to check out the spots before you pick one. Some have concrete slabs for a patio, others do not. Some have a ton of space, others do not. Some spots have shade and trees, some do not. You get my point. If you have more questions or recommendations for what we should review, comment them below. 😀

Safe travels, you guys!! 🙂

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