Well, technically we are in California. This staying on the border of two states is REALLY getting annoying. I don’t know whether to say we are in California (becuase… we are) or Arizona since we go to Yuma for everything. It’s literally 3 miles away…

Someday I’ll figure it out. Today isn’t that day.

*Side Note: If you’re reading this on your phone, turn it sideways to see the photos better. Or read on a computer.*

Many RVers are in limbo, spending weeks at places they had no plans to be. For us, that place is Yuma/Winterhaven. The park we are at is allowing travelers to stay even though this place usually closes down April 1st.

So, if anyone is reading this and needs a place to wait this whole thing out in southern California/Arizona – Pilot Knob RV Resort may be an option for you. Call ahead and don’t book online – it’s cheaper if you pay when you arrive…

If I’m being honest, our life hasn’t been affected too much by COVID-19. We never really went out to eat, or to bars or went to events where there were crowds of people – we don’t like crowds.

I think we are very fortunate – our situation is flexible and we are adaptable, by design. We are lucky. Both our families have been affected though. We feel the pain even though we aren’t directly impacted. That all could change in the blink of an eye. Count your blessings. Life is fleeting and oh soooo delicate.

I think the one major change that’s impacted us is all the gyms closing down. That was our source of ‘entertainment,’ if you will. Some people may roll their eyes at that BUT we have been training daily for almost a decade – health and fitness is a big priority for us, it’s important.

So as good little gym junkies, since the gyms were all closing… there was only one thing left to do! Buy our own equipment! And so we did! We bought ourselves a squat rack, the barbell, the weights and a few extra toys. I purchased some bands and a 50lb sandbag. Rogue, you are a life saver! 😉 Now if only I could manage to get a stair stepper… (I’M KIDDING!!)

The idea is to bring all of this equipment with us wherever we go – a ‘mobile’ gym! 😀

You may be wondering where we are going to store all of this metal. Well, in the back of the Raptor of course! What’s the point of having two trucks if you don’t use them?! We will have to take it apart & set it up every time we move but we generally stay in one place for about 2 weeks at a time. If this ends up becoming a royal pain in the ass, well… there just may be a squat rack for sale in the future for some lucky human. 😉


Our main source of entertainment during this ‘rona situation has been our beloved RZR, Gimp! We are SOOO happy we added her to the fleet, especially now! We’d probably go looney if it wasn’t for her!

We also have our very dear friends in town – they’re staying in Yuma next winter so they brought all their stuff from New Mexico to Yuma last week. They’re riding out the ‘rona situation here as well. They’ll head home to Illinois once things get a little better but until then, they’re our riding buddies! What better way to social distance then to go on a ride out in the middle of the desert in two separate buggies! 🙂

We explored the Fortuna Foothills area of Arizona which wasn’t as interesting as I thought it was going to be. The mountains look beautiful but it sure was a pain in the ass to get to them. Once we got to the trails, we realized the majority of them were hiking trails. We did find some old mines that were fenced off. From the research I’ve done it looks like they were old copper mines.

We also road back into the Cargo Muchacho Mountains. We’ve done several rides through there but never to go and explore the mines. Naturally, Doug and Sue came along for the ride – Sue really likes exploring the abandon mines. So! She came prepared with headlamps and flashlights for everyone!

None of the mines went very far back (which I was thankful for since I was dubbed the first one in – I drew the short straw). Not much was in them except a lot of poo and a baby bat (which scared the daylights out of Blake). It’s strange seeing the remnants of these old mines from decades and decades ago. Seems like another life, another world. You learn about this in school and in books but it’s a whole other experience when you see it in person and walk down the same paths the miners did many, many years ago.

Not a soul for miles!

Overall, I think we’ve got it pretty damn good – all things considered. Many people have it way worse than we do. We are fortunate to be in a position were we can still go out in nature, away from people. I wish everyone could get out in nature. It does the soul good. We aren’t meant to be cooped up inside but for the time being, it’s necessary. I hope some photos may bring some happiness. This won’t last forever, nothing does. But, I am grateful to be stuck in the ‘middle of nowhere’ in the desert southwest. 😉

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