Work on the Airstream has come to a halt (the equipment we need to rent to sandblast the frame is still being repaired). So, we decided to go adventuring in Gimp.

The mountains in Sierra County are loaded with old mines and tons of ATV trails. We decided to go on a ride to see some views from the mountain tops and inevitably came across another old mine.

Everything the light touches….
Would you go in? 😮
To climb or not to climb…

This mine wasn’t filled in like most are (especially one’s that go back pretty far). Blake found the mine on top of a mountain side that he decided to climb up — you could see remanence of the old mine from the bottom but we had no idea that it wasn’t filled in. It went about 20ft back into the mountain side. There was a ladder at the end of the tunnel that led you up to more tunnels. THAT was where I draw the line… Blake decided to climb up the ladder and into the mine with only my iPhone light to see. Needless to say, he didn’t go very far – it is SO dark in there AND creepy.

From the research I’ve done this old mine was called “Oreo.” It is a 20-acre closed mining claim in Sierra, New Mexico & they mined for Fluorine-Fluorite (what is that?) and Vanadium (what is this?).

Aside from the blackhole in the side of the mountain, the other views were beautiful. You could see the Caballo Reservoir and the Caballo Mountains. You could also see the trail that takes you to “the gap” which goes along the rim of the mountain. We will probably be tackling that trail soon!

The scenery here in New Mexico is SO different in each part of the state. We didn’t have any plans to explore this much of New Mexico this year – it just sort of happened that way. New Mexico has pleasantly surprised us so far. 🙂


There are countless mines out there – you just have to know how to find them.
A view from the top (almost). The mine is above Gimp where that sand pile is.

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