A common question I get asked is why we decided on the name “4 Million Miles to Go.” A lot of people have expressed that it’s a “mouthful.” I disagree (but I may be biased). 😉


When we first decided we wanted to full-time travel via RV we knew we wanted to write about it and share our trials and tribulations BUT we had no idea where to start as far as blogs go. I figured we’d just start with the name!

I knew the content I wanted to write about… but what to call it? I’m not a ‘creative’ person – at least not when it comes to stuff like this. My creativity is geared more towards improvising in sticky situations. So, with a bit of a writers block on the home front, I enlisted Blake for some assistance!

We sat in the truck in front of the gym one hot, summer day in Florida thinking of all the names we could call it. Nothing stuck. Then Blake asked me: “Well, how many miles of road are in the United States? We’re driving on roads.”

Neither of us knew so we did what anyone would do… we googled it! Turns out, according to google, there are 4,071,000 miles of road – 2,678,000 miles paved and 1,394,000 miles unpaved. Brilliant!! 😀

As you probably guessed… we decided “4 Million Miles to Go” would be our name since our goal of this whole lifestyle is to see the country from America’s roadways (& not wait until we’re old and decrepit)! It seemed quite fitting and I actually liked it.

**Side note: We know there is a slim possibility that we will travel all 4 million miles BUT it’s a goal that has a purpose & will keep us going. 😀


After about a year of being on the road, I met an old man in the laundry room on laundry day (yes, we still have to do laundry on the road…). He and his wife are full-time RVer’s now but in their prior life they owned a farm and he drove truck. He had told me (and rather proudly) that he drove over 4.5 million miles in his career driving semi’ and it took him 47 years!! –With that math, I would be about 75 years old by the time I hit our goal – and that’s if we drove like my new friend did! *Maybe a little less since he did a bit more than our 4 million mile goal. 😉

He had loads of other stories about his life – from inheriting his family’s farm to driving truck. The kind of stories that you can only hear from experiences like this. He told me that ‘back in the day’ it took weeks to learn to drive big ol’ semi truck and trailers. Today it takes 3 days and the noobs are on the interstates (doesn’t that make you feel safe). He also proclaimed truckers were once called ‘Gentleman of the Highway.” You wouldn’t know that today. He even mentioned that these ‘new truckers’ on the road think it’s ‘funny’ to run people off the road. “They just don’t make them like the used to.”

This old man had so many stories – too many to write in this post. It’s times like this, when you can sit and listen to someone else’s life and their experiences… it’s those times that really make this lifestyle so worth it. You get to meet all types of people from ALL walks of life. People from the road are the most interesting bunch, full of great stories, knowledge & understanding. I wouldn’t trade this lifestyle for anything – even if we never make it to 4 million miles…

When Blake & I finally hit our goal! 😉

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