Quick update post!

After 2 months in Sanford we decided to leave and head north. One hurricane scare – which turned out to just be a tropical storm – was enough for us (Hurricane Isias).

We decided to go north to Illinois to visit some friends. The campground was cheaper AND we get to spend time with some really great friends, including my best friend.

However, I made it a point to spend a few days at my very favorite campground yet! Beverly Beach Camptown RV Resort – click here if you want to visit the website 😀 Such an awesome place to spend a few nights. They’re expensive though – don’t say I didn’t warn you!

We didn’t do much of anything while we were there, which was the point. Blake had some work stuff going on so it was a nice getaway for him to relax.

We took the dogs down on the beach. They went swimming with us too! (Yes, dogs are allowed on this beach!!) 😀

We did visit during the ‘rona situation so a lot of things were closed and just… weird. This park was the park we took our first RV too on her maiden voyage. This park is the park we learned how to dump, clean tanks and park. Alllll the newbie stuff. So, this park is very near and dear to our hearts! HAH!

After our couple days here, we headed north to Illinois. Took us 4 days total – we don’t drive more than 4-5 hours a day. ‘Twas an easy trip!

Safe travels guys. ‘Till next time!

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