Boondocking Review – Mescal Rd – Benson, AZ

Mescal Rd is located in Benson, Arizona on the north side. We found this spot on Campendium and it looked great – although there weren’t any reviews (yet) on the area. So, with our big ol rig, we decided to give it a shot.

There’s a 14 day stay limit and its FREE! 🙂

The satellite images on Google Maps made it look big enough for a rig our size. So we thought, why not?!

Coordinates: 32.0059, -110.4309 (to our spot off of Mescal Rd)

Mescal Rd is a paved road in the beginning & goes along for miles through the Ricon Mountains and the Little Ricon Mountains. It also borders the Saguaro National Park & there are hiking trails you can get to that go through the national park. It’s definitely worth taking a drive. Be careful if it’s been raining – the roads do get flooded. We took our RZR down the road so water wasn’t a problem for us.

Closest dump station is at the Love’s Travel Station in town. $10 to dump and fill. You can also get propane there.

Below are our requirements when searching for a spot. Yours may be different. These categories are what we consider important.

SITE QUALITY: 3/5 – Pulling into the site wasn’t the best. The road dips down quite a bit and you have to go in at an angle. Some of our tires weren’t all on the ground on our way in which was a little uncomfortable. The road we pulled off on wasn’t exactly level either. There were a lot of ruts and pot holes to avoid so you had to be careful. Once we did a full circle and set up our rig for an easy exit, it wasn’t so bad. The spot we picked was level for the most part. We kept the truck attached to the RV because it would’ve been a hassle to unhook and hook up again. If you had a smaller rig, there wouldn’t have been as much of an issue.

PET FRIENDLINESS: 5/5 – GREAT spot for pets. No one was around and hardly any traffic on Mescal Rd – just the occasional hunter or camper. There are coyotes out there though – we found 2 dead in the bushes when we had gone adventuring.

CELL SIGNAL: 5/5 – AT&T and Verizon were both fantastic! We could stream, surf the web and have video calls.

THE VIEW: 3/5 – You could see the Ricon Mountain range from our site but you could also see city lights… We parked so we could see the mountains out our living room windows. No one wants to look at city lights…

LOCATION: 3/5 – We were located close enough to Benson to go into town if we needed anything which was nice. But! We also could hear the highway and the train. It wasn’t the quietest place but it wasn’t bad for free. It had a view of the mountains at least!

Overall, this boondocking spot was good for a night or two. We wouldn’t go out of our way to stay here again. If you have a smaller RV you could go down farther on Mescal Rd and find some pretty spots that are a little more secluded. Not entirely sure if there would be cell signal though (but hey, not everyone needs cell signal). We do because my hubby still works full-time.

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  1. This is strange I just listed you on and to think we have a winter place just west of this location overlooking the movie set. You turn west at the mailboxes.

  2. Oh WOW! What a small world!! We saw the movie set from afar! We were dying to see it up close but the gates were closed!

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