We just couldn’t hack it! When we opened up our weather apps and saw the forecasted temps for the end of April (102° – 105°) we quickly decided it was time to go – quarantine or no quarantine. We are a self-contained unit, this is our home. We are technically ‘staying home’ wherever we go. It was time for some elevation.

Which lead us back to my very favorite city in Arizona… Sedona!! 😀 With an elevation of 3100ft, it was a bit cooler there. Riley was our only concern. She has congestive heart failure which makes elevation changes difficult. We have to be extremely careful. Her max is about 5600ft. Anything higher and she has a real hard time. So, we like to keep her as close to sea level as possible. Yuma was great for that.

We planned to go to Sedona because it’s just such an amazing place. I know the locals don’t want tourists. But… we are transient beings. We can’t help it. I vow I will only help stimulate your economy by going to Whole Foods once or twice and nothing more. 😉 I also may go for a drive in my own vehicle and see your gorgeous red rocks. I just can’t help myself!

We stayed in Camp Verde, AZ because Sedona closed most of it’s RV parks. Camp Verde is just as beautiful. We ended up meeting some friends of ours there which was great!! – Yes, they quarantined and so did we. We hung out and guess what?! We’re FINE!!

Our friends names are Deb and Dene. Deb is a watercolor artist and Dene plays golf. They also have the same exact RV as us which is how we ended up chatting it up in Marfa, TX. We were parked side by side at a teenie tiny RV park there. What started as a rig interrogation ended in quite a lovely friendship!

While in Sedona, Deb taught me a few things about watercolor painting (and even let me give it a whirl when we went out one morning). She has always wanted to paint (and see) Sedona. So, that’s exactly what we did!

We drove through the first day so she could take it all in before picking a spot to paint. We did a few of the scenic drives through own and up 89A. It was fantastic! I finally made it to the Chapel of the Holy Cross. If you’ve never heard of it, don’t be upset. I hadn’t either until I went to Sedona and saw a church on a mountain side.

The Chapel was built in 1956. It took 18 months & $300,000 to build it. It’s actually built in between two red rock formations which just adds to the amazing architecture of this building. What makes this place so interesting is that it’s built on one of Sedona’s vortex energy sites. Rumor has it these energies make anyone who goes there feel really happy. The place was closed when we visited so I don’t speak from experience.

The next day she decided she wanted to go out and find a good place to park, sketch and start a painting. And so we did. She had started hers and I kept asking questions – naturally. It’s so interesting to watch the process. I think she got sick of my questions and just whipped out her sketch pad and told me to sketch what I see. She started it and I finished it. Then came the paint! I had no idea what I was doing but it sure was fun!

The painting in the photo is mine. I will post her finished product whenever she finishes it. 🙂

A few days later we went to the only store that was open (Walmart) and bought some watercolor basics for me. I think I’m going to try to learn to watercolor paint. If I suck.. well at least it’s a fun pastime! 😉 Stay tuned!

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