We had spent the week in Sedona which was awesome!! However, the elevation was not so awesome for Riley. She just couldn’t get acclimated and we didn’t feel comfortable staying. If she can’t handle it, we don’t go. I want to give her her best life and her best life is below 1000ft. Sorry Sedona but we’re outta here!

Blake picked the next destination – Indio, California. Mecca for golf courses! There’s about 120 (give or take, don’t quote me) in that city. Everywhere you look… there’s a golf course (or two)! We stayed at the county park that had just opened back up. AND the best part was? We were the only ones there!

It’s about a 5-6 hour drive to Indio from Sedona so we broke it up into two days. We stayed over in none other than Quartzsite, Arizona! I’ve been dying to see this place. If you’re someone who’s into boondocking, you have heard of Quartzsite. Hell! You’ve probably been there already! But we just hadn’t made it out that way yet. So, we stayed there for the night. It was about 107° during the day there that day so we planned to arrive as the sun was going down.

And we did. Thank god! The sunset was beautiful!!

It was still pretty warm when we got there so we ended up running the generator all night – I can not and will NOT deal with being sweaty all night long if I don’t have to. So much for a “free” nights sleep! 😛

The following morning we got up at 5:30 and hit the road.

What Blake didn’t check when picking this destination… was the weather. The heat just wasn’t going away. It followed us!!

It got up to 110° one of the days we were there. The rest of the days were hovering around 105° – anything over 90° = an EXTREMELY unhappy Chelsea!!!

We stayed at Lake Cahuilla Campground. It’s a man made “lake” (it’s a cement lined basin/reservoir) that sits at the base of the Santa Rosa Mountains. It’s main purpose is to serve as an irrigation water reservoir for thousands of acres of farmland. You used to be able to swim in it 30-something years ago but than a kid died. So that’s that.

We stayed there for a week which was enough heat for me. I was ‘well done.’

So, all in all… it was an interesting experience. We saw a Rolls Royce on our way in and a bunch of runners and bikers, running and biking with masks on….. (why on earth would you do that?!) I ended up getting bit by red ants for the first time in my life & the side of our RV was burnt to a crisp. The rubber was literally falling off and our rig is only a year old. That sun is some rough stuff. Oh! AND our surge protector and 50amp cord melted on the morning we were leaving…. Park blamed our stuff BUT we’ve been using that stuff every park we’ve gone to and never had a problem. So, who knows.

Next destination – Bakersfield, CA!

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