There are several lakes out west that everyone has heard about and has seen beautiful pictures of the clear, blue water. Lake Powell is one of them. We decided to go to Page, Arizona after Sedona to see this picturesque lake.

Page isn’t a big town… its actually quite small but during our visit it was super crowded. There are only a few months of ‘season’ and we were there in the middle of it AND since it was the time when everyone was there, we quickly made some friends at the only RV park in town.

Our trip to ‘The Moon”

The people we met all worked at the power plant in town and one of them had a new RZR. He told us about several trails – one being ‘the Moon’ and several others that would give us fantastic views of Lake Powell. You actually had to cross ‘the Moon’ in order to get to the best views. The Moon gets its name because it resembles the lunar soil that’s on the moon.

Blake was hogging the air compressor. So, I blew mine up the old fashioned way! Can you guess who won!? 😀

One of the more notorious trails led you to something called “Suicide Hill,” which was a HUGE, straight up & down hill… in the sand. There was on that was slightly less steep but that one had a curve in it. They called that one “Chicken Shit.” Blake decided to take baby steps and attempt the “Chicken Shit.” I hopped out about half way down. Blake has footage of this on the GoPro – I only got 1 picture out of the entire thing. I was not a happy camper.

Lake Powell is in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area so you do need a National Park Pass to get in – or you can pay the day fee. You can also boondock/camp down on the water. There were lots of RV’s down there… with their loud, noisy generators. There was also TONS of ATV trails and sand dunes so it was only right to take Gimp to the beach! We even bought floaties… octopus floaties! 😉


Our little oasis in a corner of the lake!
Obligatory Arnold photo!
Gimp is on the moon!
Since the sky was so dark, I tried to capture the Milky Way while we were there – I’m still learning.
Best seat in the house! 🙂

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