As fate would have it we would be driving through the only part of the country that is going through a winter storm (and a BIG one at that). It started snowing overnight when we were Newton, Kansas. We hadn’t checked the weather for snow (whoops) but found out in the morning when it was time for the pups to go do their business. We woke up to quite the surprise.

Turns out, the storm would be following the same course we were. 🙁

We made it to Cameron, Missouri before we called it quits for the day. The highway was awful. There were cars on the side of the road. Semi trucks spun out. Trucks turned over. It was INSANE! So, I drove 235 miles on roads I couldn’t see, dodging other vehicles and semi trucks. Things went really south when the highway department decided to close the highways and interstates. You can read the article here.

However, I do have some GREAT news! The Raptor did fantastic! I never thought a vehicle could do so well in the snow and ice. It just sticks to the road and trucks on and on. It did better than my Jeep. 😀

The hotel did provide some entertainment during our stay! A semi decided it was a good idea to try to pull into the back parking lot of the hotel. With that said, let me just describe what the back parking lot looks like. It could probably fit about 10 vehicles back there… maybe 1 or 2 of them having a SMALL trailer.

We decided to go tell the truck driver that before he made all this effort to get up a hill that he clearly was NOT having any luck with. He was stuck between a fence and the hotel building on a sheet of ice trying to go up a hill. It wasn’t good. But before we went out to tell him what a bad idea he had, we called the front desk to tell them what was happening outside our window – we had front row seats!

Turns out, the hotel staff brought buckets of salt to the situation to try to get the semi back there to the teeny tiny parking lot! Now, I wouldn’t have given a hoot if my truck wasn’t currently residing in that back parking lot… but she was. I didn’t want some big, ol’ semi backing into or sliding into my noble steed! Not on my watch!

Turns out, the semi made it back there but ended up pulling straight in. No turning around or maneuvering of any kind near my beloved cRaptor. (thank god!) 😀 It was very entertaining watching this big rig try to get up a hill in the tiniest of spaces. I never thought a truck that big could fit in a space that small.

You learn something new every day! 🙂

It is now Monday morning and I’ve checked the weather reports – things seem to be much better this morning so we’re going to set out on our next adventure. We have about 570 miles left of our trip to Elkhart, Indiana where Blake’s Grandma lives. Keep your fingers crossed the snow stays at bay. I really am sick of staying in hotels!

So onward we go! Hello (almost) 600 more miles & a whole lotta Joe Rogan’s podcast! 😀

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