Our $350/month view! 😀

This past June we left Elkhart, IN where we were visiting Blake’s family and ventured to Hiawassee, GA. This is a beautiful, small town in up in the mountains of Georgia and it’s also the place our ‘road parents’ spend their summer. We originally met Tom and Cheryle in Siesta Key (Florida Keys) before we had officially been full-timers.

We were sitting at a table on the water when Tom and Cheryle came over and said

“THIS is our table, we sit here every night.”

Then they sat down and joined us. We immediately liked them! Cheryle knew all the things about photography and Tom was hilarious. We spent the next few hours hangin’ with them and the rest is history!

It took about 2 days to get to Hiawassee from Elkhart with our big, ol’ rig. We were too big to fit in the campground where our friends were so we went to the one directly across the way – for a whopping $350/month (electric included)! Twas a great, great thing… minus the bugs.

We explored the area by Jeep and by foot with some friends I worked with at MINI Cooper in West Palm Beach. James and Sydney came to visit for a weekend and stayed in one of the cottages. We went for a hike to Blue Hole Falls which is a pool you could take a swim in (which I did even though it was about 40°). Super cold but oh so worth it!

We also took the Jeep up Bell Mountain where there was no shortage of mountain views! It was breathtaking – minus all the damn graffiti. I can’t believe they let people scribble stupid shit all over up there – excuse my ‘french.’ Either way, the views were incredible. 😀

I also took a trip to Brasstown Bald which is the highest point in Georgia at a whopping 4,784ft. Stunning 360° views up there as well.

Georgia surprised us in SO many ways. It really is a beautiful part of the country. We stayed for about a month then set off back out west. We will definitely explore Georgia’s countryside in the future. This trip was just a tease!!



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