So, some insight first – Our friends in Illinois (Doug & Susan) are avid fishers. They fish every other day and have been for years! So, as veterans they were nice enough to show us the ropes.

They’ve lived in Olney, IL for 13 years so far at a fish camp. There are several fish camps here – some sites at these campgrounds/rv parks have been taken for generations. Fathers give to their kids and then the kids give to their kids.. and so forth. Fishing is the thing here and we’re new to the game.

Our first day out Blake caught a catfish. It’s the only one caught so far in our little fishing foursome. Although, Susan caught one too but after much deliberation, we think they caught the same fish – like in one of those cartoons where each fisherman is on their side of the boat pulling at this fish… and each other. It was hysterical. They both screeched that they got a catfish at the same time… each pulling on each others lines. 😛

Susan’s line ended up snapping… when the fish was close to the surface. Doug was ready with the net but just wasn’t quick enough. Line snapped… and now it was Blake’s turn. He fought with that fish for about 20 minutes before we were able to net it and bring it in. Blake done us proud and caught himself a good ol’ bottom feeder catfish! 😀 Good job hunny! (Although, with all the commotion, no one thought to get a video or a photo – sorry my love but there is no proof.)

The second & third time going out Blake did not attend. I think one day of fishing was enough for the poor boy. I however, enjoyed it – slime, smell & all! 🙂

The saying goes something like “You learn something new everyday.” Well, let me tell you about something I recently learned about while spending time on the lake.

In all my years on this earth I have never seen something called a “duck blind” until the other day. This floating contraption was the funniest thing. Apparently you take it out on the lake, park your boat inside of it and stick your gun out the side to shoot some ducks. At least that’s what I got out of our conversation. I could just imagine what the ducks are thinking when these humans float this thing into the middle of the lake.

Totally riveting stuff in the midwest, at least for this New Yorker! Perhaps they have these apparatus’ in NY too? Maybe someone can shed some light on that.

Oh! & I almost forgot! Olney is notorious for it’s white squirrels. I have yet to get a photo of one of these suckers but I will before we leave! They’re cute as hell but they seem to know I’m wanting a photoshoot with them. They hide from me. Stay tuned for their debut.

Some days we go fishing and catch over 20 each. Some days we go and catch 10… total. Either way, it’s a great time waster! You’re getting some vitamin D, spending quality time with great friends and if you’re lucky… catching some dinner! 😉

Until next time… 😀

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