We’ve been on a roll lately, knocking things off our bucket list! Area 51 and the Extraterrestrial Highway was high, high, high on the list – my list anyway.

I finally convinced Blake to go on the 3 hour trek to Rachel, Nevada. I would’ve gone by myself (or waited for my fellow alien hunter, Melissa) but its just better with company – especially when you’re hunting UFOs! 😉

We did all the touristy stuff – went to the “E.T. Fresh Jerky” store (Blake chatted up the owner of the store to get all the good stuff to see/do), took some photos of the murals on the wall and of course, went to see the actual highway sign.

Next up was the “Alien Research Center.” Full of knick-knacks and souvenirs – I bought alien socks… because WHY WOULD YOU NOT?!

They had the “Storm Area-51” sign out front. We asked how that was since we obviously didn’t go. We were told about 10,000 people showed up outside the gates and partied all night long. Could you imagine?! No one got arrested or into any sort of trouble because they didn’t actually “storm Area 51.”

After the research center, we drove all the way to the site where the “Black Mailbox” was. The original mailbox was removed in 2014. The rancher who the mailbox belonged to got sick of people vandalizing his mailbox. His mailbox was, however, the most photographed mailbox in the world. Now there’s a placeholder that, as fate would have it… has been vandalized.

Further down the highway you’ll reach the town of Rachel. Super, super small BUT it does have an RV park! We thought about staying but there’s limited cell signal and Blake still has to work. That just won’t do.

We stopped at the “Little A’Le’Inn,” grabbed a bite to eat, put a dollar on the wall and interrogated the owners grandson about all things alien, Area 51, Bob Lazar and UFO’s.

Everyone believes. No one doubts their existence ’round here. Blake asked about Bob Lazar and we got some good stories. We chatted for about an hour or so. Then we just HAD TO go see Area 51. We were told the back gate is more interesting than the front gate. So, that’s what we did.

We drove 11 miles down the dirt road right up to the gate.

When we got to the gate, there wasn’t a soul in sight which makes it rather eerie and adds to the mysteriousness of the place. It REALLY makes you want to cross the barrier and see where they’re lurking. But, we didn’t. We didn’t want to be arrested. NOT TODAY SATAN!

After that, we headed home. We didn’t see any UFO’s or aliens… I was rather bummed. BUT we did have a great experience, took some photos, met some interesting folks, and heard some great stories.

If you’re into extraterrestrial things then definitely put this on your list of places to see. Hopefully you go on a clear, sunny day. The clouds hindered our hunt! 😉

Safe travels & happy hunting, my fellow earthlings!

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