MAN OH MAN! We are back in the Butte! & boy does it feel good to be back out west!!! We’ve been in Florida for 2 months then Illinois for 1.5 months visiting friends (& my very best friend). It was a great couple months but we are so glad to be out of the humidity and back in the desert!! 😀

We convoyed back with our friends Doug and Susan. They are staying in Yuma with us this winter. We decided to make a stopover at the Butte to visit with friends who have stayed here throughout the ‘rona situation (for reasons I do not understand… their homes have wheels!). They all have RZR’s so we decided to plan a ride with everyone while we were both here.

Doug and Susan left after 2 days but we decided to stay for a week. We did 1300 miles in 3 days. That is a lot of traveling for us at that pace. We get tired. So we are staying in Elephant Butte for another week – as long as Riley holds up OK. If she starts to have issues, we’ll move on.

But! Until then, we are staying put and I get to work on my Airstream! My Sweet Caroline has been in the same spot since we left almost a YEAR ago!!! COVID was not conducive to her renovation process…. New Mexico closed EVERYTHING!!!! 🙁

Since we are only staying for a week – I’m going to work on her windows (she has several windows) and take some stuff with me to Arizona. We can’t stay long since we have obligations at anther RV park that’s going to test our software. It’s a bittersweet thing since I’d love to stay and work on Caroline. Duty calls. 🙁

The RZR ride was fun – we spent a few hours on a ride through the mountains to some old mines we’ve never been to.

We also went for a soak – our favorite thing to do in T or C! These private pools are fantastic! If you’re ever passing through – Riverbend Hot Springs is the place to go! It’s right along the Rio. The best time to go is at night – especially during the summer.

It feels so good to be back – even if we’ve been here before! Yuma is still in the triple digits! Hopefully next week it cools down a bit (not likely, I know)… We’ve got some family coming to visit us in Arizona next month! We don’t want to cook them!!

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