Blake had been bugging me for the past 2 weeks to go out to the dunes with him. Last time we went he scared the living daylights out of me so I wasn’t too inclined to tag along. I finally caved and decided to go since he made some friends who were dune buggy veterans – he even had his very own sandrail.

Things were lookin’ up! Blake had someone who knew what he was doing to follow and they had a frenchie! 😀 I was a happy camper!

This guy – we shall call him Bob – knew EVERYBODY! And by everybody I mean anybody who’s been at this for decades. We got to see all the super fast sandrails up close and meet the drivers behind them. Even if you aren’t a gear head, this stuff was pretty freakin’ neat.

Bob’s buggy had an older Corvette engine in it. He self-proclaimed to be the “fastest car here last year.” Which is an incredible thing – some of these suckers are monsters! Apparently this year his buggy wasn’t running right. Something I’m learning is a common occurrence.

The drag race event happened at 4pm and it was sort of an unorganized “race.” People kind of just lined up as they felt like it and raced whoever was up at the starting line at the time. There didn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to the order of things. People just lined up (sort of) and hauled-ass down this straight. There were buggies on each side watching. You could race if you wanted, or just watch.

My favorite was the truck (the one pictured). It was so bitchin’ – it was a beast. Makes my Pepper look like a sissy truck. 😉

We went on several other rides with Bob after. We like Bob. We like his family. I hope we stay in touch. He lives near Havasu, after all!!

It was during one of our rides out in the dunes were I learned what “geocaching” was (I can’t believe I didn’t know what it was)! For those of you in the dark like I was it’s basically like a really big treasure hunt for things!

We downloaded the app and decided to give it a try! We found our first 2 geocaches! And now I’m hooked!!! It’s like finding treasure… only the treasure is just a logbook of other people who have found it. It’s a simple concept but it’s the hunt and the searching that’s got me!

These were 2 of the geocache sites on the way back to the RV park. By the looks of it, we are going to be some geocaching fools!! Gimp has several occupations now! She’s our dune buggy, our mountain chauffeur AND our geocacher! 🙂

Until next time!

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