As everyone knows the ‘rona has arrived in the United States and that has changed our travel plans quite significantly. We have been in the Yuma/Winterhaven area since January 1st. The plan was to leave at the end of March and head to New Mexico to work on our Airstream and then head north for the summer months.

Our current state of affairs – Winterhaven, CA

However, with COVID-19 spreading like wildfire our plans have changed a bit.

California has issued a ‘shelter-in-place’ order and we are (technically) in California. We could’ve scooted on over to Arizona since we are 3 miles away but Arizona is on lockdown also. It’s definitely a strange place we are all in – it’s almost apocalyptic! (I’m kidding) 😉 But it sure is a ‘new normal’ for us. Especially since we are considered ‘tourists’ in the state of California. Our domicile is in Florida – we are considered Florida residents.

So wish us luck that we don’t get the boot since we aren’t from the area.


Since we do not have a ‘home’ to go back to we decided to just stay put at our current RV park in Winterhaven, CA. This park usually closes April 1st but due to the current ‘rona situation, they let us stay until the end of April.

We only plan on staying until April 15 though. Then hopefully resume our travel plans and head over to New Mexico to put the shell back on our Airstream frame.

Boondocking at Elephant Butte Lake SP

Problem with heading to New Mexico is the fact that they have closed all the state parks. When they did that, all the RVers that were staying at the park had to leave. And as you could’ve guessed all those RVers flocked to the RV parks in town (there are only about 2 or 3). That means all the parks are full. With Elephant Butte Lake State Park being closed and the RV parks being full… we are pretty much SOL. Where do you park a 42ft toy hauler, a dually, a Raptor and a RZR? It’s not lookin’ good for us. But, it’s still our plan come April 15. We will reassess when we get closer.

If plan A fails, then plan B is to head north and get out of this heat! As I’m sure everyone knows Arizona is an oven in the summer. It’s an experience I could definitely do without. Florida in summer was good enough for this girl (& don’t even tell me it’s a different heat/a ‘dry heat’ – I don’t believe you). We are working on a software service for a company that is located in Gunnison, Colorado. So that may very well be Plan B.

Oh how I miss my Sweet Caroline!

Or maybe it won’t be. That’s the thing with making plans – they always change. Plan C and D could happen also.

I feel as if being a full-time nomad is a blessing and a curse all in one. We are blessed that we can literally bring our home anywhere we need/want to. But we also don’t have a ‘home-base’ to go back to. Many RVers do. Many do not. With parks closing all over the country, it’s slim pickin’s for us.

We did outfit our rig to be fully operational off-grid for about 14 days at a time – even longer if we conserve. We completed that upgrade back in August. We have 1000 watts of solar on the roof & 400 amp hours of lithium batteries plus a generator. Worst case scenario, we could boondock and ride this thing out.

It’s a different kind of lifestyle that we live compared to the average person. And even in times like this we wouldn’t have it any other way. We are flexible and adaptable, both us and our home.

Overall, I think we are in a good place even with ‘rona lurking around the country. We are still quarantining ourselves and taking all precautions. We’ve put a pause on our travels for the time being just like everyone else.

I hope you all stay safe… AND WASH YOUR HANDS! 😉

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