We made it! And by we I mean Blake too! The last time I was in Havasu I was with my cousin and her boyfriend – Blake stayed behind with the dogs. This place has been on our list (and very high up on the list) for years. There just was always some reason we couldn’t make it.

But not this time! 😀

They say everything happens for a reason. In my personal opinion, I think if you ‘put it out there,’ you’ll get it. We’ve always joked about wanting to make some friends that live in Lake Havasu… Well, we found some! 🙂

We ended up meeting them at the RV park we were staying at in Winterhaven, CA. They were our neighbors. One loose french dog out our window and now they’re our friends (their sister had a french bulldog 😉 )!

They have a house in Lake Havasu and they gave us the option to stay there in our RV since they have full-hookups. We took them up on the offer and here we are! In Lake Havasu! 🙂

Blake hadn’t seen the infamous ‘London Bridge’ so that was the first thing he wanted to see. We took a RZR ride over to the island, did some of the trails, dipped our toes in the water and then headed to see the bridge. If you want some history on the bridge, read this post.

The bridge was decorated for Christmas which only made it prettier. A few nights later, there was a Christmas boat parade – in total there were about 50 decorated boats and TONS of people on the sidelines watching. It was one of the coolest Christmas parades I’ve ever seen!

We didn’t get many photos of the boat parade because we were too busy watching it to fiddle around with our cameras. But above is one from before it started. You get the idea.

We are planning to stay in Havasu until New Years. Then probably head back to Yuma for a bit to visit with some friends. Then who knows. Maybe go skiing in Colorado or maybe go to Tucson area. Stay tuned.

Merry Christmas!

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