BEST (& WORST) OF 2019

2019 was a year of many firsts for us – which is the goal of every year on the road, to knock a lot of ‘firsts’ off our list.

However, 2019 was particularly special because we started traveling full-time March of 2019. So, I wanted to wrap up the year with some of our best and worst while living on the road in our RV.

I’d also like to voice that these are just our opinions from our experiences. 🙂

*Side Note: if you’re reading this on a cell phone, turn it sideways to see the photos better (some of the captions cover the entire photo) or read it on the computer.

Best Campground:

Sierra Hermosa RV Park – Questa, NM

This RV park was a very basic park with no amenities other than FHU sites & free WiFi but we thought this place was the bees knees! The price was great (we paid $350 – since we were there the prices have went up). The internet was SO good & the view was spectacular. The ladies in the front office where a hoot! We were very happy with this RV park but we couldn’t stay long. The elevation was too high for Riley (our 15 yr old chihuahua).

Worst Campground:

Taos Valley RV Park – Taos, NM

Our experience was probably an isolated event because the reviews of this campground are great! In our opinion the spots were WAY too small for their advertised size. We are 42ft long and although our spot was long enough, the turning radius needed to get into the spot was nearly impossible without hitting your RV. The tree in the line of fire tells the tale(s) – and the evidence of broken taillights!

If we had a smaller rig I’m sure we wouldn’t of had any issues.

There was also the issue of cell reception. For some folks that may not be an issue but for us working folk… it’s a big issue. Cell signal was just awful.

So, in conclusion: if you have a big rig and don’t want to risk body damage, go to another park. We paid $320 for a week to stay here.
*If you go 20 mins down the road to the RV park mentioned above you’ll pay $400 for WHOLE MONTH with fiber optic internet (I’m talking 150mbps download)!!

Best Boondocking Spot

Klondike Bluffs Trail – Moab, UT

Where do I even start with this spot!? The view was spectacular! Cell signal was great! The night sky was amazing. 🙂 It was a perfect 14 days spent in northern Moab harnessing ALLLL the sun!

Worst Boondocking Spot

‘Moochdocking’ in Albuquerque, NM

I’m counting this one because it was the only ‘dry camping’ or boondocking experience that we didn’t enjoy in 2019. We stayed at a friends house in their driveway with our big ol’ rig because hey! Why not?!

Well, let me tell you why not! During our stay(s) there we heard gun shots. Now, gun shots in the mountains of Colorado are fine. Gun shots in the middle of a city is not fine. I’m sorry if you’re from Albuquerque but if I’m hearing gun shots in the middle of the night in a nice area… this place just isn’t my type of boondocking/moochdocking! Definitely the worst experience so far being off the pole!

However, the 2 pros of this spot was 1.) it was FREE and 2.) we could see TONS of balloons in the sky when we stayed during the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta!

Best City/Town

Moab, Utah

Moab was our most favorite town we went to in 2019 – so much so that we were there 3 separate times throughout the year. Although it’s very, very busy it still has the charm of a small town.

The restaurants are great but expensive (bring your wallet and dig deep if you like going out to eat). They have off-roading rental shops everywhere which is great because that means they have spare parts everywhere! 😉 They also have a great gym in town – we took advantage of it several times when it was just too hot to go outside and workout. It got up to 105° on several occasions… too hot for this gal to go for a run!

Our favorite RZR guru is also located in Moab. He has ALL the parts you could need (if you’re into the off-roading thing) and gives you excellent guidance (and maps) to trails. We purchased so much stuff from him during our stays.. 😛

We totally recommend Moab, even if you’re just passing through and not into the 4×4 stuff. Arches National Park is located just north of the town AND there are several hiking trails and scenic drives you can do. Canyonlands National Park is super close and so is Dead Horse Point State Park. It’s a beautiful, little town with a lot to do and good food to eat!

You can read more on Moab in this article that I posted from one of our stays there.

Worst City/Town

Elkhart, Indiana

I’m not entirely sure if it’s fair to say Elkhart was our least favorite because we were there to visit Blake’s family. I am saying Elkhart is our least favorite just because there isn’t much to do there.

We were in Elkhart for the month of June which means also for my birthday. My birthday is June 5 and that was the day we scheduled a Grand Design tour to see how our RV was made.

Turns out, they had forgotten about us which meant we didn’t have a tour guide to take us through the factory that makes the Momentum. So, they stuck us on the Reflection tour. For those of you that aren’t familiar with Grand Design, the Momentum and the Solitude are the “luxury” rigs (aka the expensive rigs). I’m not trying to be a snob BUT I don’t particularly care about how another rig is made… I didn’t book the tour to see a Reflection. They ended up bringing us over to the Momentum factory and giving us some half-assed tour when the main tour was over. But hey! At least we got to see them in all the different stages, from the frame up! 😀

Oh! I almost forgot! I learned to ride a motorcycle while in Elkhart AND we purchased an Indian Scout Bobber (happy birthday to me) during our month stay here. I’m not a fan of motorcycles but decided to try and conquer a fear. I’m happy to report there were only minor accidents AND I can ride a motorcycle now. 😉

To be fair – Elkhart is beautiful in the summer and we did meet some great people (and the VP of FMCA) in a Newell Motorcoach right next to us. It’s just not a place I can brag about. If you need RV work done though, it’s the mecca! Go there! 🙂

Best Experience

Purchasing our Vintage Airstream

By far my favorite experience of 2019 was my Sweet Caroline! A 1973 Airstream Excella! I’ve always wanted an Airstream but the new ones come with a ridiculous price tag! So, we bought one that’s 31′ long and needs a whole lotta love!! She’s a 47 year old beauty & the best tin can I’ve ever laid eyes on! We are renovating her from the ground up. She’s getting the ‘full-monty.’ We are writing about every step of our experience in this blog too so follow along! I’ll try to keep it interesting. 🙂

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