First of all, Happy New Year!! I hope it was filled with family and friends.

Sunrise at our spot in Benson, AZ

Most people start out their new year with things they want to do differently. Maybe get into shape, eat better, quit smoking, make more money, spend more time with the things that matter etc. Ours was filled with goals like those for many years until… well, we made them happen! (See! Dreams do come true) 😉 Now our goals are filled with all the places we want to see and things we want to experience.

You see, my thinking is this: You only get one life & in reality, 100 years (if you’re lucky) is pretty short. We just couldn’t think of any better way to spend our life! Experiences make stories and we want to live a GREAT story! 😀 So, here’s to more adventures!

Arizona was a state we passed through in 2019 but never actually spent much time in. So, after we got back from Christmas in New York we caught up with our welder working on the Airstream, gave him some $$$$ and more input on what else we want to do with the frame (a.k.a. PAINT), and headed to the Grand Canyon State.

We try to pick boondocking sites close to interesting places to explore via our RZR, Gimp. So, we chose a remote spot off of Mescal Rd in Benson, AZ. It is located right next to Coronado National Forest.

Our spot was wonderful – super remote, quiet (except for the occasional train), and has a terrific view of the Rincon Mountain range.

The only downside to our time there is that it was super COLD at night – down to 30° both nights we were there. 🙁

Temperatures warmed up to a whopping 45° during the day! Things were looking up. We bundled up to go out on the RZR and explore a bit. We drove down S. Mescal Rd (any truck/SUV could go down this road, except when it rains because you cross over several big water spots which would be very difficult with a car). There are off-roading trails off of Mescal Rd that give you the best views of the area.

The mountains were still covered in snow from the last snowfall – it was beautiful! We saw a bunch of cattle roaming around and some birds but that was the extent of our LIVING wildlife sitings. We did see 2 dead coyotes. Apparently, it’s legal to hunt them.

We road long enough to capture a couple good photos of the mountains and then headed home – it was SO cold. I couldn’t feel my fingers when we got back. Not the ideal way to explore. Note to self: buy a windshield for Gimp!!

We headed out on day 3 because of the temps (the idea is to get away from the cold…). We were running the generator way too much for our liking (we use the generator when we need heat – the heaters soak up wayyyy too much battery power that’s difficult to get back when we have overcast skies).

Our next segment of travel will be to a boondocking spot outside of Yuma, AZ. Sand dunes here we come! 😀


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