We left off our last post with the ‘tentative’ plans for week 2 which was to get the subfloor up and sandblast and repair the frame. All went according to plan up until we inspected the frame once the rotten floor was off. We didn’t find anything good.


Caroline’s crack!

We knew from the day we got the Airstream that there was definitely an issue with the rear – most of the 70’s Airstreams do. She had lots of sagging and come to find out something called ‘rear-end separation.’ We just didn’t think the frame cracked yet. Total rookie moment for us BECAUSE all the signs were there. Generally, when something like this has happened to a frame it bows out the side of the shell which can deform the shell or… tear it (ours had a big tear up the side of the shell). I had read about this but it didn’t click until we found the crack in the frame in the same spot as the split part of the shell (well DUH Chelsea). Stupid moment for us. BUT it is what it is. She’s ours now and we will deal with it. Caroline will be getting some new outer skins also.

I circled where the shell is broken – such an obvious clue…

We are bringing Caroline to the welder in town Monday afternoon to see what his thoughts are about repairing it OR replacing the frame.

Needless to say, we did not get to sandblast nor paint anything. That’s what happens with renovations – nothing rarely goes according to plan! But, whatcha gonna do?! 🙂

Anyone know what kind of eggs these are?! They were everywhere!
Subfloor is outta there!

There IS a silver lining in all of this though which is this: we did get the subfloor up and it was rather easy. We did not find any gross critters (just some old, brittle snake(?) eggs, lots of mice poo AND a note a mouse decided would make a satisfying bed). We know the frames weak spots and will be able to better support it now rather than find out later AND I finished 2 more windows. I have a few more to go then we will tint them & reinstall them. Keep your fingers crossed because I do have to hunt down a window to replace our shattered one. Apparently someone had tried to break into Caroline at some point. For what? I have no idea…

All other plans with Caroline have been stalled. We can’t do much without the frame. Subfloors need to be measured, cut and fitted but we can’t do much of that until we have a finished frame. We need to replace some outer skins but don’t want to do that until the shell is back on the frame so we can line everything up properly. We can’t install any tanks until the frame is done. So, we are at a standstill.

Only thing left is the fresh tank and the belly pan!

Week 3 we are hoping to get the frame welded and repaired. Then we will sandblast and paint.

Mom’s supervisor for the day! 🙂

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