Blake and I met in Sarasota, Florida in May 2016. We both worked at BMW of Sarasota – I was a service advisor and Blake was a master tech for BMW.

We started out as training partners and would hit the gym together every day. We became really good friends and eventually started dating. One thing led to another and we decided to move to Colorado Springs, Colorado in August, 2016.

We lived in Colorado for about 7 months. I’m an aesthetician so while in Colorado, I took an aesthetic job at a cryospa and Blake worked for BMW. I eventually went back to service advising but this time for Toyota. I ended up getting Blake a service writing job at Toyota so we could be together more (if you don’t know the automotive industry, they work you like a slave). After a few months we figured out that Toyota wasn’t our ‘cup of tea.’ We were both offered service advising jobs in West Palm Beach, Florida for BMW and MINI Cooper. And we took it.

We moved back to Florida – the east coast this time. It was a first for both of us to live on the other coast (we prefer the west coast FYI). We moved several times while in West Palm and eventually ended up in a house in Loxahatchee, just outside of West Palm Beach.

Blake was at BMW up until August, 2017. Some shady stuff happened at BMW and after some discussion and ‘soul searching,’ Blake quit the automotive industry and decided to pursue a passion he’s had since he was just a cub! He decided to go back to school for software engineering.

I decided to stay at MINI and put him through school. Blake attended Fullstack Academy in NYC – he took the remote course.

During that time, we had come up with the idea of buying an RV and traveling the country since he would be able to work remotely as a software developer. We both have nomadic souls and stationary living was driving us insane! We had purchased an F250 (diesel) and a 2014 Cyclone shortly after deciding RV life was what was next.

After about a year, Blake graduated and I left MINI. We got rid of the contents of our rental and moved into the Cyclone. We headed to New York in June, 2018 to visit my family and job hunt for Blake.

Blake got a job at StockX – a company based out of Detroit, Michigan. So, that’s where we headed to next. It was an in-person job with a promise of remote after a few weeks. Turns out, remote wasn’t something they would allow (they wanted to keep the money in Detroit – understandable but inconvenient). We left Detroit anyway and headed back to Florida. I was going back to work for MINI Cooper.

So, in August, 2018 we packed up the RV and headed back to West Palm Beach where the money was good and the snow was non-existent. I went back to work while Blake hunted down a job that was fully remote.

We would be in West Palm for another 6 months. In February, 2019 Blake landed a job that was completely remote AND we purchased a new RV. We left March 1st and headed west.

We now travel the country full-time and have zero plans to stop. We are the modern day gypsies wondering around this beautiful country trying to take in everything we can while we are still here. Life is short and you only get one. We are trying to make ours a good story and share our experiences along the way.