We have been hangin’ around the California/Arizona border for 3 months already!! The original plan was to stay for 2 weeks boondocking out in the desert near the Imperial sand dunes. We ended up moving to an RV park after 2 weeks because we picked up some sort of ‘flu.’ (Hey! Maybe we had the coronavirus!! ….joking) And we haven’t left since!!

*Side note: this post is a bunch of stories and rambling. If you don’t feel like reading a whole bunch – skip to the bottom. If you’re viewing on a cell phone – turn it sideways to see the photos better.

The RV park we are staying at isn’t anything to write home about but this area obviously calls to us in some manner. We just can’t seem to get the heck outta here!

First it was our mystery crud – we booked a week at Pilot Knob RV Resort. A week came and went. We booked another week… Then another month… then another month AND another!!

So, why’d we end up staying so long? Well, for starters we made some friends! Several friends actually. 🙂

Our first friends were our neighbors in the corner spot (the best spot in the joint). Al & Sue are in their 70’s and are from Northern Michigan. They have become some of our dearest friends since arriving at the RV park. We talked them into buying a Grand Design Solitude (you’re welcome Grand Design – now where’s my finders fee???) AND we’ve officially converted them to Apple/Mac! We took them to Slab City with us the first time we went (and to the dispensary). We’ve had such a great time with them, we haven’t wanted to leave.

We also made some friends with a neighbor on the other side. They had a Momentum just like us and a Canam. Our encounter with them however, did not start well.

The sites aren’t exactly the easiest to get into and most people (not all) do not know how to back up a trailer – we’ve seen first hand how NOT to do it. Well, this guy started backing up his 44ft toy hauler into his spot (which was right next to us) and he was an INCH away from my Raptor’s bumper… AN INCH AWAY and he was comin’ in hot! I’ve never seen Blake move so fast in my life. He went from getting out of the shower (he’s naked) to throwing shorts on and running outside in maybe 20 seconds! It was incredible to watch! HA HA!

Turns out our new neighbor, Dan, had been driving truck for many, many years prior to towing an RV of that magnitude. He did perfectly fine and inflicted zero damages (except heart palpitations to Mr. Blake). 😛

I also had one of my very best friends, Melissa fly out to us from Florida for a few days. We went to Slab City, Joshua Tree National Park, the Salton Sea and San Diego. We ate some really yummy food at a place called “The Garage” and then went to Seaport Village – there is a fabulous sock store there! We ended our trip with a tour of the USS Midway.

Shortly after that I had to fly to Florida to get our taxes done. Blake stayed back with the kids while I went and did my duties… and rented a Tesla. 😉

The following 2 weeks were rather uneventful – which was lovely and much needed! But all good things must come to an end… and it did.

Even more friends came to visit us! Doug and Sue are friends we had met in Elephant Butte, NM some months back when we first started renovating our Airstream. They were getting bored in the Butte so they decided to make the trek to Yuma (with their RZR of course) to see if they wanted to spend next winter there. Turns out they do!

The first day of riding we took them to the infamous sand dunes and then Duners Diner which has became one of our very favorites. We also took them into the Cargo Muchacho Mountains.

Besides the obvious perks of the stunning scenery, there are countless mines in those mountains! We only managed to see one up close this trip but there are hundreds – all rootin’ around for gold!

On our second day of riding was the day we decided to take a trail that passes the Colorado River in the Picacho Recreational Area – a California State Park. Both rides on Saturday and Sunday were AWESOME!!! We weren’t supposed to take RZRs into the state park though… however, we didn’t get caught and it’s only illegal if they catch you! 😉 Along our journey we noticed tons of volcano fields full of hardened magma. We saw some Opuntia – more commonly known as prickly pear cactuses! I think they’re my favorite cactus – besides the saguaro cactus.

Oh! And to top it all off, we saw some ‘wild’ mules. I use the term wild loosely because these guys aren’t exactly wild to this area. They were left here from back in the mining days. The miners would use them to haul ore from deep within the mine. If they didn’t have mules, they had to do it themselves. When the mines all closed, the mules were left behind. Over the years they reproduced so now you can find them all over.

As I’m writing this we have about 3 more weeks left in the area and several things still planned. Next weekend we are finally attending to the list of things that need to be addressed on the RV (the lights in the rear that broke off when our awning took flight, the garage door that needs to be tightened, cleaning the hot water heater… etc). The following weekend my mother and brother are flying out to visit for a couple days. Then Doug and Sue are coming back with their RV. They’re staying in Yuma next winter! Woohoo!! 😀

So, to sum up our longgggg stay & why we stayed so long: we’ve made several really good friendships. Gimp has learned to be a ‘dune buggy’ instead of just a buggy. We’ve explored the mountains nearby & the gems within them -pun intended. We’ve visited the dispensary… We’ve had the dogs checked out & we got back into the gym every day. We’ve had a little slice of routine for a bit! Strange stuff!! However, it’s coming to an end and I’m very excited to get moving again!

This area is full of things to do and sights to see. We’ve spent 3 months exploring and there’s still more to see! Not sure if we will spend 3 consecutive months here again but we will definitely come back and visit next winter. I mean our friends are here now… we HAVE to visit! 😉

Safe travels! See you out there.

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