That’s a wrap! 2019 is over and what a year it was!

It as the year we officially started traveling full-time in our RV. It was the year I quit the automotive industry and all the crap that goes with it. It was the year Blake went remote which has allowed us to live this lifestyle. It’s the year Talulah joined our pack. It is also the year we purchased both our current RVs! It has been our best year yet!

However, a new decade is upon us! It will be filled with more new places and adventures. We won’t be traveling as far and as often like we did this year (I hear that’s generally how it works with new full-timers.. we fell into the stereotype). 2019 was just filled with miles and quick visits. The new year will be filled with half the miles AND way more quality time spent in these beautiful places. Repositioning will be done very differently. We want to spend more time seeing the things without making too many commitments. Plans can be a pain in the ass… sometimes. 😉

We started our journey in West Palm Beach, FL with intentions to make it to New Mexico. We stopped in Cedar Key and Hart Springs, FL then the coast of Mississippi, all the way through Texas and into New Mexico… in about 2 months.

We spent lots of time in New Mexico. Elephant Butte is a very small town filled with some of the best people – although only half of them are actually from there.

We then ventured on to Colorado to go skiing, Arizona to buy our RZR ‘Gimp’ (and to FINALLY finish our solar & lithium install), and then Utah to do some off-roading. We had to break in ‘Gimp’ proper.

We returned to the Butte after several weeks of galavanting in Utah to spend some time with our ‘friends’ and to put the RV in storage for our holiday travels to New York. We are also doing our vintage Airstream renovation in New Mexico. 😀 Clearly, we like it here…

We left Florida March 2. We have done 7947 miles this year (with the RV in tow) and visited 12 states together — The states we only drove through aren’t counted.

But as the year ends, I will leave you with this thought.

“Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend.”

SPEND IT WISELY! (we are!)

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