My noble steed!

When we first decided to try this lifestyle, one of the major advantages was that we wouldn’t miss any holiday… unless we wanted to, of course. With that said, we will now be driving over 2300 miles (without the RV) to visit our families who STILL think that Indiana and New York are great places to live. We will never understand.

We are going to take the Raptor for this journey since Bonnie and Clyde (duallly and fifth wheel) will be bunkering down in New Mexico. We managed to get a storage unit for $30/month. Yes, you read that right… $30/month!! We didn’t want to chance running into snowy weather with our big girl. She’s about 20,000lbs and to be honest, she doesn’t like the cold, white stuff either.

Our first visit will be with a friend of mine who lives in Danville, IL. We’ll stay there for a day or two then head to Elkhart, IN to visit with Blake’s grandma and grandpa – stay a few nights then head to NY to spend Christmas with my grandfather. He’s turning 88 on December 21! 🙂


It seems like a long trek to visit someone for a day or two then drive back. Well, let me tell you why this man means so much to me.

And now 🙂

Our relationship started when I was about a year old. You see, he isn’t my ‘real’ grandfather. He was married to my grandma when I was born (my mother’s mother). When I was little my mother would drop me off with my grandmother while she went to work or went out with friends. Her husband/my grandpa wasn’t fond of children (I can’t blame the man, I’m not either…) but he took to me like white on rice. I must have been one cool kid to make a man who didn’t like children actually like me! He eventually treated me like his daughter and one of ‘his’ kids. He had 2 kids already from a prior marriage.

A few years later my grandmother and grandfather got divorced but he still treated me as if I was his own. Looking back at this 28 years later, it really is an incredible thing that this man still treated me the way he did – took care of me, paid for my school, my car and the repairs, birthdays, spending every Sunday with me, took me skiing & on vacations. He took on the role of a father. I’m not entirely sure what I did to deserve such a great man in my life. Must’ve been my 1 year old charm. 😉

My Grandma & Grandpa
They’re still friends – I have no idea how 😉
My favorites.

So, I will travel to the ends of the earth to make sure that man does not spend his birthday or Christmas alone. He is my hero in so many ways. I wish everyone had the chance to meet such a man.

You may be wondering why he doesn’t just fly to us and stay wherever we are. Well, he’s afraid of flying with his health issues. So, I don’t push the subject. Plus, the rest of my family is still located in New York – 2 birds, 1 stone.

We will be embarking on our long journey this Friday – wish us luck… & no snow until we get there!

Merry Christmas, you guys. And have a fantastic New Year!

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